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Kammiel "Kami" Harvey is a Professional, self-taught Makeup Artist,

who truly has an “eye” for enhanced beauty. At the age of 17, Kami threw

herself into the world Makeup Artistry. Practing on herself as well as

family and friends was originally a hobby that very quickly turned into

a passion. To kickstart her journey into a career in beauty, Kami attended

Ogle School of Hair Skin and Nails where she studied Aesthetics (Skin Therapy).

There, she became skilled and well educated in Skincare and the

fundamentals of basic makeup application.

Kami is currently a Certified Makeup Artist for MAC cosmetics.

As a member of the MAC brand, Kami has been able to continuously

work to perfect her craft, educate herself on the industry, and learn

a multitude of new skills and makeup techniques. She knows that

even as a tenured makeup artist, there is always room for growth

and so much more to learn to really become a well-rounded/ successful Artist.

While Kami is sure to satisfy all your Beauty needs, be it ( Wedding, Photoshoot, Or Beauty),

her speciality is Natural Beauty Makeup and Bridal. As a passionate, creative and truly

skilled artist, she is dedicated to capturing the TRUE beauty each of her clients possess.

She strives for makeup perfection and ensures a personable, fun, knowledgeable, and

FABULOUS experience for each client. 


I have an “eye” for beauty. I want whom ever sits In my chair, to leave feeling not only beautiful, but confident. Feeling GLAM. A feeling of sexyness, empowerment and boldness that is exuding from the inside out. iGLAM. Period. “ 

- Kami


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